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"Healthy, happy curls are the prettiest"



One day, four friends realized they were all thinking the same thing: plastic sucks.

The catalyst was visiting a plastic-strewn beach. It left us angry and wanting to eliminate plastic from our own lives.

Why no salon-quality plastic-free shampoo or conditioner? After all, in the USA, half a billion shampoo and conditioner bottles get tossed every year.

Three years of formulation later, we launched HiBAR. Salon-quality performance and experience, natural ingredients, and, of course, beautiful plastic-free packaging.

Cult & King

Thank you for supporting indie hair care. Your cells, scalp, skin, and follicles are rejoicing right now with the best, non-toxic, natural, wonder-working ingredients on earth headed their way. Your support for no single-use plastic, no animal testing, ending throwaway culture and putting small business first is the seed of exciting change.

Transform your thinking.

Cause the possibilities.

And have great hair through it all!


Jessicurl is all about accepting ourselves and loving our curls. It's about pride. Because if we are not proud of ourselves, who will be? We are all unique, with different hair types, textures and curl patterns. What we share is our desire to have naturally beautiful curls and quality products to use on them. 

I used to hate my hair and did everything I could to hide my beautiful curls. My hair obsession was so strong that it destroyed my confidence and self-esteem. Then I decided that to love myself, I had to love my curls.

I think it's awesome that more curlies are embracing their natural curls and textures. Confidence is life changing and I'm thrilled to be a part of your realization that You Have The Right To Remain Curly.  - Jess



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